Block Island Giant Shark Tournament

A True Fishermen's Tournament, Run by Fishermen

CT Big Game Fishing Club 860-209-4056

2nd Annual
Block Island Giant Shark Tournament

July 16th – 18th, 2015

Block Island, Rhode Island

6th Annual Block Island Giant Shark Tournament

July 11th – 13th, 2019

Block Island, Rhode Island


    Welcome to the 6th Annual Block Island Giant Shark Tournament, the best New sport fishing event on the East Coast.   We welcome you to Block Island if you are a seasoned tournament fisherman, or a Team fresh to the sport.  There will be a great time, and some great fishing.  Bring your team and your family for a vacation on beautiful Block Island.  Located close to some of the best fishing grounds in New England, a great harbor, great restaurants, and world class beaches.  Please send your application and entry fee as soon as possible as slip and mooring space is can only be guaranteed to the first 50 boats.  This is a fishing tournament for fishermen, run by fishermen with the concerns of the fishermen at heart.  Note our extended fishing times to allow our participants to get both the first morning bite, and the late afternoon bite.



  1. Registration is by the Boat, and Anglers, Anglers must be listed, and anglers may not switch boats. In the event of a boat disability, a boat not entered in the tournament may fish in the name of the tournament registered boat with prior approval from the tournament.

  2. NO COMMERCIAL FISHING VESSELS ALLOWED!! Charter boats with less that 6 anglers will be permitted.

  3. It is recommended that each boat and anglers have the required Federal, and State licenses. Entrants will not be monitored by the tournament for such, It is the boat, and each anglers responsibility.

  4. Fishing days are Friday 7-12-2019, and Saturday 7-13-2019. All Boats must leave no earlier than 4:00 AM. Boats must call upon leaving the break water on the VHF channel, and call in on the VHF when returning. Lines in time is 6:00 AM, Lines out time is 5:00 PM Friday, and 4;00 PM on Saturday.. A fish hooked up prior to lies out time can be fought, but must be in a position to weigh in before 7:30 Friday, and 6:00 pm Saturday. Weigh station hours are 3:00 PM to 7:30 PM Friday, and 3:00-6:00 PM Saturday. Official tournament time is local GPS time.

  5. All fish must be reported to the designated VHF channel when hooked, and when boated or released, and recorded on each boats catch report.

  6. IGFA rules apply. Rod and reel ONLY, Unlimited number of rods, 130 lb. Line test maximum, Unlimited lb test leaders, NO harpoons or Bang Sticks

  7. Only one shark per boat per day.

  8. Acceptable species: Thresher, Blue, and Mako. Minimum weight for Thresher: 225 LB, Minimum weight for Blue 200 lb, and Mako is 175 lb. Mutilated fish will not be accepted at weigh in at tournaments sole discretion.

  9. Tournament observers, Photographers, and or Scientists may be placed on any tournament registered boat at the tournaments sole discretion, any boat that denies such request by the tournament will be disqualified immediately.

10.        All Sharks caught are, and will remain the sole property of the catching boat,  and are subject to inspection by the Tournament Biologist.    Any discarded carcasses will be required to be disposed of at sea.  Any vessel discarding any parts or whole carcasses in the harbor will be disqualified,

11. There is no weather committee. The decision to fish is left solely to participants who do so at their own risk.

12.  Any protest must be made in writing and presented to the Tournament Committee by 7:30 PM each day.

13.  All Tournament decisions are final.   

14.  All boats are required to submit Catch and Release Affidavits each day.

15.  A sportsmanlike conduct is required of all participants:  No display of Shark Heads, or parts. 

16.  Prize winners will be subject to a polygraph test on the Sunday immediately following the tournament.

17.   Any rules violation will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament.  No second chances.